About PickMeUp

At Carousel Buses, we’re focused on providing customers with convenient and affordable bus travel options. We operate around 45 buses in and around Buckinghamshire radiating from High Wycombe, where our depot is located. Our buses serve a number of locations including Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Amersham, Chesham, Slough, Uxbridge and Heathrow Airport.

Whilst regular bus services are an excellent option for most of our customers, some of you informed us that you also need to travel around High Wycombe to locations that couldn’t be reached more directly without having to change buses.

We’ve listened to your feedback and with the support from Buckinghamshire Council and the Government, we’ve introduced PickMeUp.

PickMeUp vehicle

PickMeUp is an on-demand ride-sharing minibus service. Download the app and tell us where you want your journey to begin. We’ll pick you up from a ‘virtual bus stop’ or a physical bus stop within a short walkable distance of where you are. The intelligent software works out the best way to take you and our other passengers to your chosen destinations.

Simply register your credit or debit card, pay via PayPal or choose to pay the driver when they get to you, and we’ll PickYouUp! You can think of it like a car pool, only bigger – and you never have to drive yourself! It’s good value for money and comes whenever you want it.

You can also pre-book your future journey using the app.

PickMeUp Wycombe is operated by Carousel Buses with support from Buckinghamshire Council and the Government.